Artpark at IISc Funded: Empowering Educators for the Data-Driven Future

Python Foundations

For Machine Learning Mastery Offered by IISc Faculty

Applied Machine Learning 

Leveraging AI in Industry 

Courses Offered

Explore our innovative courses, meticulously crafted to equip you with essential knowledge and skills for success in today's dynamic world.

AI-MPOWER: Empowering Educators for the Data-Driven Future

- By IISc Faculty, starts in Nov'23

Mastering MLOps: Optimizing ML Systems Deployment at Scale

- By IISc Faculty, starts in Sep'23

AI EliteX: Leading the Revolution in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

- By IISc Faculties

Python Foundations:  For Machine Learning Mastery

- By IISc Faculty, starts in Jan'24

Applied Machine Learning:Leveraging AI in Industry

- By IISc Faculty, starts in Nov'23

AI Horizons:
Scaling Scientific ML: For Educators and Researchers

- By IISc Faculty, starts in Jan'24

Cutting-Edge Education

Top-notch Digital Textbooks & Innovative Teaching Methods

Personalized Mastery

Empowering Education with AI-Enabled Learning

Elevated Employability

 Empowering Graduates for Career

Talent Bridge

Empowering Industries with a Skilled Talent Pool

Empowering Entities

Tailored Upskilling Programs for
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College or Educational Institution 

Looking to 
  • Provide your students with a world-class higher education experience through blended learning methods?

  • Incorporate AI in education to create personalized learning opportunities for your students

  • Embrace engaging digital textbooks as an alternative to seldom-used traditional textbooks?

  • Implement skill-based evaluation and assessment techniques to better gauge student progress?

  • Enhance your institution's ranking and improve job placements for your graduates

  • Elevate the quality of your faculty to deliver exceptional educational experiences?


Working Professional

  • Aiming to advance your career and knowledge through flexible higher education options, such as part-time or online courses?

  • Looking to leverage AI and other modern technologies to upskill and stay current in your industry?

  • Interested in transitioning from conventional printed materials to dynamic digital resources that cater to your busy schedule?

  • Seeking skill-based assessments and certifications to validate your expertise and progress in your field?

  • Do you want to enhance your career trajectory and job opportunities by enrolling in a highly reputed educational institution with a strong track record of producing successful graduates?

  • Are you looking for professional development opportunities at an institution that prides itself on the excellence and expertise of its faculty members?

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Graduate Student 

  • Seeking a comprehensive and cutting-edge learning environment that combines traditional methods with innovative technology?

  • Interested in exploring personalized learning pathways that leverage AI and adaptive techniques to suit your unique learning style?

  • Tired of conventional textbooks and looking to access interactive and engaging digital resources for your studies?

  • Want to be assessed based on your practical skills and abilities rather than solely relying on exams and grades?

  • Are you aspiring to enhance your employability and career prospects through networking opportunities?



  • Provide comprehensive and targeted skilling or upskilling opportunities to boost your employees' knowledge and competencies?

  • Integrate AI-powered learning solutions to deliver personalized upskilling experiences for your workforce?

  • Replace outdated training materials with interactive and engaging digital resources that cater to various learning styles?

  • Implement skill-based assessments to measure the progress and effectiveness of your employees' skilling and/or upskilling initiatives?

  • Ensure your employees receive top-notch upskilling programs that align with your organization's goals?

  • Collaborate with reputable educational institutions or training partners to access specialized skilling and upskilling programs for your workforce?

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  • Hire candidates trained using AI-based personalized learning with digital scores showcasing specific skill sets.

  • Value practical skills over traditional CGPA and certificates.

  • Seek employees with skill-based assessments, proving their real-world capabilities.

  • Recognize talent beyond academic achievements, prioritizing the application of knowledge.

  • Interested in hiring candidates with digital learning portfolios and diverse skill sets.

  • Encourage diversity and mastery in specific fields through personalized learning.

Our Products

We’ve been educating for over 20 years. By choosing us you are opting for a full-training program that will support you from start to finish.
Curriculum-Aligned Digital Textbooks

The Curriculum-Aligned Digital Book offers a blended learning experience for college and university students and graduates aiming to gain new skills. It combines expert lectures, interactive multimedia, and assessments, ensuring a thorough grasp of subjects.

Specialized Digital Textbooks

Specialized  Digital Book Offers blended learning opportunities for working professionals, government organizations, and private entities.

Upskilling and cross-skilling

Our specialized upskilling and cross-skilling programs are tailored to meet the needs of working professionals, government organizations, and private entities, providing targeted training for industries such as healthcare, finance, defense, aerospace, IT, and manufacturing.

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