Inclusive Education

Tailored for Science and Engineering Diversity

Progressive Learning

From Fundamentals to Advanced AI and ML Applications

Holistic Preparedness

Bridging Academic Excellence and Industry Relevance

Comprehensive Education

Balancing Theory and Practical Wisdom

Why Partner with ZenteiQ?

Expertise:  Over two decades of experience in software and global higher education.

Why Partner with ZenteiQ?

Global Reach: Bridging the skills gap and connecting learners to international opportunities.

Why Partner with ZenteiQ?

Adaptive Learning: Customized educational experiences using our AI-driven LMS.

Why Partner with ZenteiQ?

Blended Approach: Combining hands-on coding with digital and in-person content delivery.

Why Partner with ZenteiQ?

Inclusive Ecosystem: Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection,
get help with your studies. 

Uniquely Adapted 

To Elevate Progressive Institutions, Career-Focused Colleges, and Innovative Enterprises.

Progressive Institutions

Seeking to integrate cutting-edge AI and ML education.

Career-Focused Colleges

Enhancing student employability and industry readiness.2

Innovative Enterprises

Upskilling workforce in AI and ML.

ZenteiQ's AI and ML

Comprehensive Curriculum

Interactive Learning Blend

30 Hours Expert Lectures + 30 Hours Hands-on Lab and Mini-Projects per Course

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Industry-Guided Excellence

Mentorship from Seasoned Professionals

Tailored Learning Journey

From Novice to Advanced, Fostering Proficiency in Foundational Concepts and Cutting-Edge AI/ML Technologies

ZenteiQ's AI-Driven 

Job Role

Aligns education with specific job roles and industry demands.


Allows customization of the education journey.

Continuous Assessment

Real-time feedback, adapting to individual needs.


Engaging multimedia tools for effective learning.


Facilitating informed teaching and learning strategies.
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ZenteiQ Services

Curriculum Integration

  • Job-Ready Skills: Advanced, industry-relevant courses for practical skill development.
  • Diversity in Education: Blended learning approach, combining online and traditional methods.
  • Collaboration: Partnerships with leading institutes and industries.
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ZenteiQ Services

Development Workshops

  • Faculty Development: Upskilling programs in modern teaching methods and technologies.
  • Train-the-Trainer: Workshops for educators to effectively deliver Zenteiq’s curriculum.
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ZenteiQ Services

AI and ML Curriculum Design

  • Customized Design: Tailored AI and ML curriculum development.

  • New Program Initiatives: Support in launching new AI-centric academic programs.
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ZenteiQ Services

Lab Design and Commissioning

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Advanced AI and ML labs with cutting-edge technology.
  • Cloud-Based to Dedicated Centers: Flexible cloud solutions to comprehensive data centers.

ZenteiQ Programs

Python for AI
& ML

Focus: Basics of Python, crucial for AI and ML applications.

Practical: Hands-on Python coding exercises and data

manipulation projects.

Mathematical Foundations of
Machine Learning

Focus: Core mathematics including linear algebra, calculus,

probability, and statistics.

Practical: Simulations and mathematical modeling for ML


Machine Learning
for AI

Focus: Fundamental ML concepts like supervised
and unsupervised learning. 
Real-world implementation and
evaluation of various ML models.

Deep Learning

Focus: In-depth study of neural networks, CNNs, RNNs, and

deep learning frameworks.

Practical: Building and training sophisticated deep learning


Natural Language Processing

Focus: Techniques in text processing, sentiment analysis,

and NLP models.

Practical: Developing NLP applications including chatbots.

Computer Vision and
Video Analytics

Focus: Image processing techniques and their applications

in various fields.

Practical: Projects on image classification and facial



Focus: Fundamentals of reinforcement learning and its

advanced forms.

Practical: Implementation of reinforcement learning


Cloud Computing for
AI and ML

Focus: Utilization of cloud platforms and services for ML.

Practical: Deploying and managing ML models on cloud


DevOps &

Focus: Integration of ML into development operations,

emphasizing CI/CD and MLOps principles.

Practical: Setting up and managing CI/CD pipelines for ML



Focus: Preparing for industry with insights on trends,

project management, and AI ethics.

Practical: A capstone project and portfolio development for

real-world readiness.

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AI-Driven Education

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