A deep tech startup founded by 2 professors with IIT/MIT/IISc/Imperial College background, Zenteiq brings global standard upskilling & reskilling programs for colleges & corporates through AI driven content.


1 Million Eng. Graduates
< 15% Skilled

Why choose zenteiq

1M engineers graduate from Indian universities every year, but only 15% are considered skilled and employable, leaving the remaining 85% at a disadvantage.

What is the new normal in Higher-Education?

Education does not stops at universities. We must continuously upskill to keep up with advancements in science and technology.

We exist

  • To improve the skills of undergraduate, postgraduate students, and working professionals in the field of Science and Technology.
  • To help connect Bharat with India through vernacular skill education in Higher-education.
  • To unlock the true potential of students and working professionals.

Story behind our name

The name Zenteiq is a play on words from an Indian regional language – “Ceyrkkai Nunnarivudan kudiya Teran Kalvi” (CeNTeK -> Zenteiq), which means Artificial Intelligence - Enabled Skill Education.

Our vision

To help the youth enhance their skills and become more employable, our subscription-based solution will upskill and reskill students, fresh graduates, and working professionals in various disciplines of higher education, allowing them to be globally employable and find better career prospects.

Upskilling by AI

Why choose Zenteiq?

  • High-quality educational content and teaching-learning paradigms.
  • AI-enabled personalized learning experience.
  • Bridge the supply-demand gap by providing access to a quality skilled pool for industries.
  • Improve employability prospects for graduates from Tier-2 + cities.

Benefits For Colleges

  • Access to AI-enabled world-class course contents and teaching-learning paradigms.
  • Enhanced quality of education by providing content from world-class instructors.
  • Improved placement opportunities for skilled students.
  • Connect with top institutes for research positions in India and abroad.

Benefits for Instructors

Professional help in planning lessons, delivery, and assessment

Benefits for Students

  • Save time and energy by finding all the course content in one place.
  • Bite-sized animated and story-based video lessons that are fun and easy to follow.
  • Engaging and competitive assessments that include a healthy dose of peer-to-peer learning.
  • Access to the best content in the language of choice.
  • Connect with top-corporates while you learn.
  • Mentor and earn while you learn.

Benefits For Corporates
(Startup to Fortune 500 companies)

  • Access the most skilled talent pool at one place.
  • One-stop shop for your college cohort needs.
  • Zenteiq’s skilled, fresh graduate is equivalent to an experienced professional with up to two years of experience.

Our Programs for

Programs for Colleges

Our first offering is a Practical Data Science Specialization for 3rd and 4th year UG Students of any branch/background, and PG students of Computer Science, Computational Science, Data Science & Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Autonomous Systems and similar subjects emphasizing ML, AI, Data Driven Science, Business Analytics.

Our Courses

  • Foundations of Data Science
  • Computing for Data Science
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Deep Learning
  • MLOps
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Programs for Colleges

A Six-Course Specialization aligned with the coursework in college/university curriculum. Typically, these course start in 4th semester (2 courses), 5th semester (2 courses) and 6th semester (2 courses) of UG Program, or 1st and 2nd semester (3 courses each) of PG Program.

Our courses are delivered in a hybrid learning framework. Learners and college faculty have access to our learning experience platform where learning objective and session-wise video lectures/animations and interactive slides are available. Skill-based assessments, guided assignments and mini-projects are also available. These are in the form of on-demand asynchronous content, but designed to be consumed in a week-wise schedule. Every semester, several live on-line masterclass from subject matter experts (including ZiQ founders) will beincluded.

To complete the hybrid learning experience, college faculty can use these materials for in-class delivery, and learners can use both in-class and our material for learning. In a flipped classroom mode, the college faculty can use in-class sessions to discuss the assignments and mini-projects.

Live mentor support for students will be available (depending on the program tier enrolled by the college). These sessions are designed as a tutorial for students to learn from zenteiq certified instructors (faculty, graduate students in top institutes, industry working professionals etc) directly and clarify any doubts they have.


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