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Enhance the skill and confidence of learners through our global standard technical education curriculum. Leverage our AI-driven content and methodologies for a unique blended learning experience.

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"*Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is a 113-year-old India’s premier institute for advanced scientific and technological research and education. IISc consistently figures among the top Indian institutions in world university rankings."

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We make learning simple

By choosing us, you are opting for a blended learning program with end-to-end support.

Blended Learning Experience

We offer a modern, user-friendly solution for learning theory and practise, hands-on coding and mind-on problem solving, as well as in-person and digital material delivery.

AI-driven Learning Paths

AI recommended personalized and career-oriented learning paths. Flexible drip-feed courses for self-paced interactive learning. 

Expert Professionals

Our experienced instructors and on-demand mentor support will make Zenteiq your go-to education partner.

Designed and built for everyone

  • Flexible drip-feed courses for self-paced interactive learning.
  • Interactive video-books, note-taking, discussion forums.
  • Automatically extracted transcripts
  • Text and video summaries.
  • Digital badges and certificates.
  • Skill assessment and learning path recommendations based on formative and summative assessments.
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What our learners say about us

“I enjoyed the introduction to Probability and Statistics, Calculus, and Linear Algebra. The course was thought-provoking, as expected.”

Data Science
course student

"Excellent course. This being the starting course for Data Science, covered the overall basics so that I was able to correlate why we're doing what we are doing."

Data Science
course student

“Practical ML did justice to the title of the course. The coursework was really good, and I got to learn a lot. The mini-projects gave as a lot of practical knowledge. The midterm paper was also practical and judged you based on your understanding of the course.”

Machine Learning
course student

We are here to create new possibilities


Interactive video classes in bite-sized chunks for customised learning. There is content in different languages. While studying, connect with businesses and intern with them.


Professional assistance with lesson design, class assignments, quizzes, mini-projects, delivery, and skill-based evaluations.


Connect with a talent pool of possible interns or employees by gaining access to the learner's competency matrix. Offer need-based industry courses and skill development programs.


Support for state-of-the-art curriculum and programme design Enhance the quality of education by connecting with top international faculty.